Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Freckled Witch

  Robert The Freckled Witch

Once there was a freckled witch named Robert. He was the luckiest one who lived on the mountain.

But there was a problem, the witch was stuck on the mountain. He was so scared that his family couldn't visit him, because they were afraid of heights.

Robert looked behind him there were mountain warthogs, they were getting ready to strike. The witch was so afraid to run he didn't know how to use magic.

Roberts Mum and Dad used their magic to lower him down to the grown, to be safe from the mountain warthogs Forever.
The End . . .


Thursday, 20 June 2013

My dictogloss

Scott base is a research center found in Antarctica ,is owned by New Zealand
it was named after captain Robert falcon Scott who was an explorer,Scott base is located on Ross island near Mount erebus.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Special Features Of Antarctic Animal

This is the features of animals of Antarctica it will help you learn all about
Antarctic animals it will help your son too.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Mihi

This is my mihi about me Hope you comment
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Boss Dog Of Blossom Street`

Snap was a small black and brown dog.
He was a boss dog of blossom street.
One Saturday morning he walked up and down as usual.
He sniffed all the doorsteps and lampposts.
He wagged his tail at all the kids the children saved scraps for him.
He poked his head into baby Kelly's pram.
Kelly laughed and touched snaps wet nose.
Snap made sure the dogs and cats street were in there places.
Dogs had to stay at there own backyards and cats had to sit on the backyard walls.
That's if they dared to come out at all.
Snap tattered back to his front door.
Everything seemed fine to blossom street.
But  everything was not fine.
Snaps owners,Ada and harry,were at home.
This was odd.
They always went to work on Saturday morning there were boxes everywhere.
Harry was taking a bed apart.
Ada was putting cups in a box.
"Hello snap" she said as he came in.
Snap sniffed he boxes.
You'd better have your doggy chunks before the van comes
What van? snap thought.
He soon found out.
A big van came to the front of the house.
Two men helped harry and ada to put all their things in the van

to be continued... 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Narrative Writing Antarctica

On a windy day their was a researcher  called Kendall. and his assistance James. they were the first researcher's to go to Antarctica so they brang some wolfs with them to the windiest continent on earth   
James got lost in the very cold blizzard. Kendal was taking a sleigh back to the Scott base. Then he told James to hold on to him. But he couldn't hear because his warm jacket was to fluffy. It blocked his ears  then he fell of the sleigh.

Then he woke up in a strange place, then he started to yell “Kendal Kendal
Kendal !” know he was lost in Antarctica forever.

The next morning he did not realise. About the wolfs pulling him to the base then he went to sleep again. But then he woke up he was in the Scott base. He was surprised  with Kendal trying to wake him up.