Thursday, 1 September 2016

The New Boy

On the first day of school with a new boy named John and he was as fast as a cheetah with silk hair like a piece of material, he belonged to a school named Hovell High school and on the first day of he already had friends named Joshua and Trevor but people call him Trev for short.

When it was morning tea they we're talking about how they’re life might go, Joshua said he would go to university, Trev said he was going to work at a farm but John’s life was going to be different his life was going to be like this, he was going to trial for a famous soccer team and keep building up and keeping climbing the ladder of inspiration and following his dreams, his friends just cheered him on to achieve his dreams.

Then something announced on the speaker “Hey Freshmen it's Coach David if you want a chance to be like the people playing in the big leagues now then sign up for a sport and you’ll achieve the dream.”

Then his friends cheered him on for that opportunity, so he went and signed up for two sports basketball and football (soccer) then he was called “Hey!”    

Then John turned around and said “Yes, Coach”       

“See you at trials tomorrow”

And he went home happy.

The next day he grabbed his football boots in his bag and also his shin pads and some spare socks, and he took his new Ben basketball shoes and he felt impressed about getting all these compliments at school about his shoes, as soon as he got to school he felt like one of the cool kids but everyone was normal then he felt embarrassed.

Then lunch started and he went to the gym and started practicing until everyone started coming, minuets later the coach came and saw how much he has been trying and was proud of how hard he is already trying, then trials started and it started with a game against one on one to see how good the defence and shooting are, it first started with John and the school bully Hendrix he was so tall that everyone feared his name, it didn’t go so well with Hendrix.

As soon as he got home he started practicing all evening and all night then day 3 started and he tried again, then he went up against Hendrix again but this time it was better than yesterday he started off and he went on with crossovers and behind the back crossovers under the leg crossovers left and right and eventually he ankle broke but not literally he just made him fall then he finished off with a 3 pointer, and everyone was looking at how amazing John was better than Hendrix,Hendrix stood up with no emotion on his face and gave a handshake of appreciation for being the first one that can beat him.

Then the bell rang and the only sport left for trialling is football (soccer) he went to class first and soccer trials were after school then the bell rang and he finished all his work and homework, he started walking to the soccer field and as he was walking a crowd started to surround him and then he sat down with feeling awkward, then he pulled his football (soccer) boots and everyone was amazed because he had the new Zane Hotu boots which were bright with a mix of red and blue and he started to train with everyone cheering, then trials started minuets later up a against a new challenger named Ryan he was the goodest player in the school and that's when he already knew he was going to lose then again it started with a one on one coach told Ryan “Choose a challenger Ryan anyone on the line”    

Then he called out “John!”

John was filling up quickly with fear then the whistle blew and the game started with embarrassment he was trying so hard he could not get the ball, in the crowd they were calling out “John, John, John!” and the other side said “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan,!” in a chanting voice, then it was over, He went home and put on his indoor football (soccer) shoes and then he started practicing twisting and turning around obstacles.

Then it was the last day of the week and it was the last trial to make the team as the day went on he wanted to finish it off properly and then he went to the field the crowd came back but with more signs and cheering and when it started Ryan chose John again and it was just like basketball, then he put his whole training into use but it was first to three, this time he started with the ball and started running up at the opponent then he started with a move called the roulette and did another move called the Zane chop and finished it off with a rabona kick and he scored and it was the real challenge, score by score it was the last score to win he did his skills once more and he made the last goal and it went quiet and with a moment of silence everyone cheered.

He went home with all to talk about and his mum was so proud to see how much he has been training, during the weekends he kept on training so he would get prepared for the games that are coming soon, days later he went to school and people were surrounding the notice board he walked forward and people started to clear out, he went to go check and he searched for his name and his name was not found then he stormed off into class and everyone was afraid of him, after school he went home and stayed in his room for the rest of the day he next day he still felt heavy hearted he went to go check again and it turned out the papers changes and he was the first one on the list for basketball and he was also in the A team he checked the other paper he also made the football (soccer) team and again in the A team and he went all proud.

Five years later Josh became the smartest man in the world, Trev became the best farmer in all competitions, and finally John followed his dreams he became the best and he went up against the big teams he became rich and famous and he went up against Zane Hotu the best soccer player and he even went up against Ben the best basketball player.

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  1. Hi Lorenzo I really like your story about The New Boy it is really interesting. Keep up the good work