Friday, 2 December 2016

Ghost Busters

Ghost busters
Once upon a time there was a happy family named the Henry’s they have been living in the same place since 2020 and weird things have been happening but they never noticed until this day in 2030 where everything is renewed to look like the real future thanks to the brains of the future Benjamin, Owen and James the father of the Henry family.

Mary the mother of the Henry family, she’s mostly an at home mom and very energetic with her chores also never gets bored, Nathan the twin brother of Jack they both play instrument Nathan plays the drums and Jack plays any type of guitar.

They all have had ordinary lives but Mary was the only seeing the things wrong with the house she called as many help for paranormal activity and yet there was nothing to be found, but she never stopped, she kept going until she caught proof of paranormal activity.

Mary showed a tape of the footage that was caught of a whole bookshelf falling on its own, the experts of paranormal activity saw the footage and said “this could be serious,”

They checked that same bookshelf and again no paranormal activity was found so looked closer at the bookshelf, checked every book but one book had stuff in the book written in blood “Leave here, now”         

“Feel the wrath of satan”

Many more messages we're written, and Mary was terrified of what would happen if she told the family.

Hours later the family came home altogether James had to take a day off work so he could here the message, Mary told the family and they we're terrified, so they tried moving out of the house, all the doors in the house slammed closed shut they became trapped in separate rooms, the twins were stuck in their room with no resources except for their toys and other stuff they play with, as they searched their room in their closet they found a secret bunker, in that bunker they found stuff from 1995.

As they read through all the stuff they found “Kamoto Henry the famous ghost buster of the 19th century” they kept reading and they found another news hub news paper and it said “James Henry the future ghost buster to save all problems of paranormal activity” under all the newspapers they found a button “what should we do” Nathan said

Jack pushed the button and another door opened with suits that had the ghostbuster logo on it, they put it on and they grabbed the ghost buster guns, they rushed and used the guns on the doors that were in there way.
As they were busting through doors they heard “AHHHHHHHHH” coming from the sitting room, they ran to the sitting room finding Mary flying in the air with nothing to be found “what do the goggles do?” Jack said

They both put on the goggles and saw what they were up against, a massive muscular ghost and 15 of his slaves, they both were fighting off the little ones first and they all disappeared like flies and then it came to the big one, they shot the big monster thousand times but it didn’t do anything to the ghost they both shot at the same spot then it started doing some work with a mixture of both beams it creates a more stronger shot of force.

The ghost disappeared into the darkness, then they rushed to the basement to find James in a corner with blood rushing down his back, James turned around and he turned out to be possessed and he leaped for the twins and Mary but he was shot by the beams and he became normal “DAD!” the twins said but then he became back to being possessed and he said “you will never get your father back!” the possessed body said

They kept on shooting, the sun started coming up “AAAAAHHH!” posses James said

It turns out that James is not use to the sun, they shot James again so that he would stay in the sun, he started flying in front of the sun and he fell down on the ground coughing, then he was taken to the hospital where he could treated good medicine and have a good recovery, as he was in a coma for about 5 months but he eventually came back and had time with his family again in a brand new mansion from the thanks of the president and Jack and Nathan became paranormal Heroes The Ghost Busters.


In literacy we have been learning about explosions that could happen during an experiment, in this slide we have been learning about an artificial volcano, a rocket that flies with science and a science experiment of your own choice.