Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Immersion assembly

This morning on the first day of term 4, team 5 and I went in the street to line up in our classes we went one by one class by class into the hall.

Firstly team 1 was going to the zoo to see how the animals adapt(adapt is a word that means how they live or how they eat through nature, they also did a karaoke and there were 10 students from the audience, the 10 students sang roar to win a prize and marika king miss king's daughter won the prize and it was to go on a trip with the team 1 kids to the zoo.

Next it was team 2 they were going to learn about dinosaurs and the team 2 kids were very excited to learn about dinosaurs, dinosaurs lived 100 million years ago until a giant asteroid hit planet earth and they were all adapt(adapt is also another word for extinct).

After team 2 it was team 3 they were learning about the same thing as team 2 but they were learning about making there own dinosaurs and team 3 was also surprised to make and name their own dinosaurs.

Then next up was term 4 was learning about how animals live eat and hunt and at the back it showed a video of student trying to find out where they were and what animal was behind them but because it was green screen the students couldn't see what was behind them.

After that was team 5, we were learning about how humans survive and how different people adapt with different objects like forks chopsticks or even using their own bare hands to eat there food and then Mr wiseman and Mrs tele’a came out with pictures of hulk, batman, superman and captain america and the audience were excited.