Friday, 2 December 2016

Ghost Busters

Ghost busters
Once upon a time there was a happy family named the Henry’s they have been living in the same place since 2020 and weird things have been happening but they never noticed until this day in 2030 where everything is renewed to look like the real future thanks to the brains of the future Benjamin, Owen and James the father of the Henry family.

Mary the mother of the Henry family, she’s mostly an at home mom and very energetic with her chores also never gets bored, Nathan the twin brother of Jack they both play instrument Nathan plays the drums and Jack plays any type of guitar.

They all have had ordinary lives but Mary was the only seeing the things wrong with the house she called as many help for paranormal activity and yet there was nothing to be found, but she never stopped, she kept going until she caught proof of paranormal activity.

Mary showed a tape of the footage that was caught of a whole bookshelf falling on its own, the experts of paranormal activity saw the footage and said “this could be serious,”

They checked that same bookshelf and again no paranormal activity was found so looked closer at the bookshelf, checked every book but one book had stuff in the book written in blood “Leave here, now”         

“Feel the wrath of satan”

Many more messages we're written, and Mary was terrified of what would happen if she told the family.

Hours later the family came home altogether James had to take a day off work so he could here the message, Mary told the family and they we're terrified, so they tried moving out of the house, all the doors in the house slammed closed shut they became trapped in separate rooms, the twins were stuck in their room with no resources except for their toys and other stuff they play with, as they searched their room in their closet they found a secret bunker, in that bunker they found stuff from 1995.

As they read through all the stuff they found “Kamoto Henry the famous ghost buster of the 19th century” they kept reading and they found another news hub news paper and it said “James Henry the future ghost buster to save all problems of paranormal activity” under all the newspapers they found a button “what should we do” Nathan said

Jack pushed the button and another door opened with suits that had the ghostbuster logo on it, they put it on and they grabbed the ghost buster guns, they rushed and used the guns on the doors that were in there way.
As they were busting through doors they heard “AHHHHHHHHH” coming from the sitting room, they ran to the sitting room finding Mary flying in the air with nothing to be found “what do the goggles do?” Jack said

They both put on the goggles and saw what they were up against, a massive muscular ghost and 15 of his slaves, they both were fighting off the little ones first and they all disappeared like flies and then it came to the big one, they shot the big monster thousand times but it didn’t do anything to the ghost they both shot at the same spot then it started doing some work with a mixture of both beams it creates a more stronger shot of force.

The ghost disappeared into the darkness, then they rushed to the basement to find James in a corner with blood rushing down his back, James turned around and he turned out to be possessed and he leaped for the twins and Mary but he was shot by the beams and he became normal “DAD!” the twins said but then he became back to being possessed and he said “you will never get your father back!” the possessed body said

They kept on shooting, the sun started coming up “AAAAAHHH!” posses James said

It turns out that James is not use to the sun, they shot James again so that he would stay in the sun, he started flying in front of the sun and he fell down on the ground coughing, then he was taken to the hospital where he could treated good medicine and have a good recovery, as he was in a coma for about 5 months but he eventually came back and had time with his family again in a brand new mansion from the thanks of the president and Jack and Nathan became paranormal Heroes The Ghost Busters.


In literacy we have been learning about explosions that could happen during an experiment, in this slide we have been learning about an artificial volcano, a rocket that flies with science and a science experiment of your own choice.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Simple Science Experiments

In inquiry we searched up some of the easiest science experiments with at home equipment feel free and try this at home.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Problem Solving

for reading we had to make a poster about a problem that the world has to solve itself.

Problem Solving In Sience

For reading the Dr Seuss and I have been reading a book all about the experiment called elephant toothpaste.

Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Make A Paper Boat

for reading we had to make a poster on how to make anything that we can change the material shape.

Friday, 18 November 2016

A sinking feeling

For literacy Dr Seuss and I have been reading a book about a sinking feeling, it tells us and you about the density of the object the you want to float and there is a chart about density.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Letter To Kaikoura

To the people of Kaikoura

I have recently heard that two people passed away, I have alse heard the you were hit by a 7.5 earthquake and it could be felt in auckland.

I am sorry about hearing the lost of the loved ones, on the new it showed all the destruction that the earthquake has caused, it has showed reefs being pushed up from the ocean and near the islands the rocks in the ocean have been pushed up also so the sea water is lower than the rocks.

It has also hit the animals in farms and three cows were lucky enough that they got christmas early and they survived an earthquake on one remaining land, tourists from regions will sadly not be visiting the beautiful part of New Zealand.

You were also cut away from power and water but some parts of Kaikoura have been powered back up and have water again.



Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Angles Angles Angles

In maths we have been learning about the types of angels, Acute, Right, Obtuse, Straight, Reflex and Full rotation.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Angles Poster

For maths I have been learning about angles, there are different types of angles like acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, reflex angle and full rotation.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Chemcial Vs Physical

In reading the Dr Seuss and I have been reading everything about Chemical and Physical Changes what is different and what is the same.

The Scientific Method - Write Up

Title - Gummy worm experiment
Purpose: What do you want to learn/find out?
I wanted to learn how the sodium alginate turned into solid.

Hypothesis: Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is ‘educated guess’. This is usually stated like ” If I…(do something) then…(this will occur)
I think the Sodium Alginate that will mix with the water that has Calcium Chloride will turn into a solid or it will just stay as a liquid.

Materials: List everything you will need to conduct your experiment.
Pipette, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Chloride, Water and Eco cups (size big and small).

Experiment procedure: The fun part! Design a test or procedure to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Write down each step so that someone else could do the same experiment.
1.Mix water with Calcium Chloride.
2. Fill the pipette with sodium alginate (which originates from seaweed.
3. Fill the water mixed with calcium chloride with Sodium alginate.
4. Watch the Sodium alginate turn into a solid.

Analysis/Data: Record what happened during the experiment.
What happened during the experiment was the Sodium alginate turned into a solid and it became touchable and it felt weird like actual gummy worms.

Conclusion:Review the data and check to see if your hypothesis was correct.
My Hypothesis was correct because the sodium alginate did turn into a solid.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Attitude Talk with Paula Fakalata

On October the 25th Team 5 was visited by an Attitude Talker named Paula Fakalata and he told us about the stories he had about his friends and it also had a meaning to it.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Immersion Assembly 2016

To kickoff term 4, Pt England school held another exciting Immersion assembly to excite the student and introduce the new inquiry topic Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Changes!

Different teams throughout the school wearing different clothes , Immersion assembly started and Mr Burt and Miss Nua as the Principal and vice Principal at Pt England school, they were cooking something that smelt delicious and it was corn fritters.

Mr Burt was missing a teacher named Mr Jacobson then BOOM! And explosion happened and Mr Jacobson had black marks all over his face and body to make it look like an explosion happened.
Mr Burt called up Team 1 while still cooking corn fritters, team one were wearing witch like clothes and they were going to learn how matter can change into other objects.

Then next was team 2 and they were looking at if things sink or float, and they even did how matter can change with different temperatures and it could change again with another set of temperatures.

Then after team 2 was team 3 and they were looking at how physical object could change with a different mixture like how mentos meets Coca-cola and an mini volcanic eruption happens.

Then second to last was team 4 and they going to do some myth busting to see whether the things they hear aren’t actually true.

Lastly was team 5 and they were going to learn how solids liquids and gasses are different to each other so they took it to the test and their performance was hilarious and the commentator named himself Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom and he had an assistant name Mrs Iloa flower power that didn’t have a shower or for short slave.

We finished assembly with a song to sing it was called changes by David Bowie but a teacher at Pt England School changed the words and made it so it could go with the topic more.

My favorite performance was Team 5’s because of the laughter and the things that the teachers had to go through to get people to laugh but luckily they brought spare clothes.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Experience Day @ Tamaki Collage

On Tuesday 20th of September The year 8s went to Tamaki Collage for Experience Day, We left Pt england  8:30 and we got there at 8:54 we had a meeting at the Tamaki Collage Auditorium and our tour leaders where former Pt england students that are year 9 and 10 and we had a talk with Mrs Moore who was a deputy principal and she split us up into our groups and the first class we went to was social studies with Mr Allison, we learnt about the different ways other countries get to school one of the coolest ways to get to school is with a Zip line the first period finished and it took 35 minuets to finish the class, then we moved to Mathematics with Mrs Dunn and we learnt about algebra and the confusing questions became the easy questions and she was interested in seeing some of us next year, then the second period finished and went back to the auditorium to have morning tea and they provided free food they gave us a fruit watch and a water bottle with fruit and nutri-bars, they let us roam around the school just as long as we don't go off school grounds, Morning tea finished and we went to our normal tech classes and for tech I am now in hard materials and we are making Necklaces with pewters and the necklace has to mean something in order to give it to someone close, first and second period finished, then we had lunch once again and we had subway and it was delicious, the lunch bell rang and we were going to our last class and it was English class and we were just learning about the things that would fit with the word best, the last period finished with a little bit more time to go our last class was P.E and we just did normal sports stuff but we got separated in groups the boys that wanted to play rugby and earn skills and training, but I stayed in and played normal team games, the bell rang and we met back at the auditorium with us meeting Mr Dunn there and he was also a Deputy Principal and was talked to us about the people that get good grades and represent this school and he even told us about George Moala coming to this collage.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Escape from Afghanistan

This week the Dr Seuss and I have been reading a book about a two girls trying to escape Afghanistan and they're trying to get to their mums cousin.

Friday, 2 September 2016


In maths I have been learning how to use the algorithm, for different strategies.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The New Boy

On the first day of school with a new boy named John and he was as fast as a cheetah with silk hair like a piece of material, he belonged to a school named Hovell High school and on the first day of he already had friends named Joshua and Trevor but people call him Trev for short.

When it was morning tea they we're talking about how they’re life might go, Joshua said he would go to university, Trev said he was going to work at a farm but John’s life was going to be different his life was going to be like this, he was going to trial for a famous soccer team and keep building up and keeping climbing the ladder of inspiration and following his dreams, his friends just cheered him on to achieve his dreams.

Then something announced on the speaker “Hey Freshmen it's Coach David if you want a chance to be like the people playing in the big leagues now then sign up for a sport and you’ll achieve the dream.”

Then his friends cheered him on for that opportunity, so he went and signed up for two sports basketball and football (soccer) then he was called “Hey!”    

Then John turned around and said “Yes, Coach”       

“See you at trials tomorrow”

And he went home happy.

The next day he grabbed his football boots in his bag and also his shin pads and some spare socks, and he took his new Ben basketball shoes and he felt impressed about getting all these compliments at school about his shoes, as soon as he got to school he felt like one of the cool kids but everyone was normal then he felt embarrassed.

Then lunch started and he went to the gym and started practicing until everyone started coming, minuets later the coach came and saw how much he has been trying and was proud of how hard he is already trying, then trials started and it started with a game against one on one to see how good the defence and shooting are, it first started with John and the school bully Hendrix he was so tall that everyone feared his name, it didn’t go so well with Hendrix.

As soon as he got home he started practicing all evening and all night then day 3 started and he tried again, then he went up against Hendrix again but this time it was better than yesterday he started off and he went on with crossovers and behind the back crossovers under the leg crossovers left and right and eventually he ankle broke but not literally he just made him fall then he finished off with a 3 pointer, and everyone was looking at how amazing John was better than Hendrix,Hendrix stood up with no emotion on his face and gave a handshake of appreciation for being the first one that can beat him.

Then the bell rang and the only sport left for trialling is football (soccer) he went to class first and soccer trials were after school then the bell rang and he finished all his work and homework, he started walking to the soccer field and as he was walking a crowd started to surround him and then he sat down with feeling awkward, then he pulled his football (soccer) boots and everyone was amazed because he had the new Zane Hotu boots which were bright with a mix of red and blue and he started to train with everyone cheering, then trials started minuets later up a against a new challenger named Ryan he was the goodest player in the school and that's when he already knew he was going to lose then again it started with a one on one coach told Ryan “Choose a challenger Ryan anyone on the line”    

Then he called out “John!”

John was filling up quickly with fear then the whistle blew and the game started with embarrassment he was trying so hard he could not get the ball, in the crowd they were calling out “John, John, John!” and the other side said “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan,!” in a chanting voice, then it was over, He went home and put on his indoor football (soccer) shoes and then he started practicing twisting and turning around obstacles.

Then it was the last day of the week and it was the last trial to make the team as the day went on he wanted to finish it off properly and then he went to the field the crowd came back but with more signs and cheering and when it started Ryan chose John again and it was just like basketball, then he put his whole training into use but it was first to three, this time he started with the ball and started running up at the opponent then he started with a move called the roulette and did another move called the Zane chop and finished it off with a rabona kick and he scored and it was the real challenge, score by score it was the last score to win he did his skills once more and he made the last goal and it went quiet and with a moment of silence everyone cheered.

He went home with all to talk about and his mum was so proud to see how much he has been training, during the weekends he kept on training so he would get prepared for the games that are coming soon, days later he went to school and people were surrounding the notice board he walked forward and people started to clear out, he went to go check and he searched for his name and his name was not found then he stormed off into class and everyone was afraid of him, after school he went home and stayed in his room for the rest of the day he next day he still felt heavy hearted he went to go check again and it turned out the papers changes and he was the first one on the list for basketball and he was also in the A team he checked the other paper he also made the football (soccer) team and again in the A team and he went all proud.

Five years later Josh became the smartest man in the world, Trev became the best farmer in all competitions, and finally John followed his dreams he became the best and he went up against the big teams he became rich and famous and he went up against Zane Hotu the best soccer player and he even went up against Ben the best basketball player.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Donald Trump US Election

For Literacy The Dr Seuss and I have been reading a story about the US election that is happening in USA right now, and seeing the different the perspectives that the different groups want to do for america and for other countries, we have also learnt how to compare and contrast the differences between peoples views.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Multiplying decimals

In maths my group the aliens and I have been learning startegies on how to solve decimal problems.

The Strength Of Roots

This week the Dr seuss and I have been reading a book called strength of roots and also we have been learning that there are different language features like Similes, Personification, Precise verbs.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross country

On a fine day with a bright colored sun shining on the grass with little drops of water reflecting the sun and blinding me, and with everyone else at Pt.england school was sitting on the hot boiling concrete, with everyone sitting in their year groups and gender groups and even in their house colors which is Hikianalia Yellow, Hine Moana Blue, Hokule'a Green and Te aurere Red, and with the senior kids going last while we were all feeling our stomachs slowly churning like a washing machine and feeling little drops of sweat falling down my face.

As the other year groups were going one by one we were only left with year 7 and 8 boys and girls still waiting in the hot sun, then the countdown started with the year 7 boys going first out of the seniors “CLAP!” the year 7’s raced off to the course with two laps to start with ,minuets later the year 7 girls went to the starting with adrenaline rushing through my veins feeling the excitement.

then it was the year 8 boys turn we all stood up walking in a line to the starting line, as we stopped I started feeling the grass with my feet then everything faded to black and it started to go quiet “CLAP!” the race was off with everyone around me and trying to beat everyone else.

We passed 4 checkpoints and then we went onto the big field and it started getting harder because of the heat and I tried my hardest to not stop in the hot boiling sun, then we passed checkpoints under the trees then I started to cool of.

Then I passed the last checkpoint and then on to lap 2 then it started getting more hard because my legs started to feel like jelly but I always remembered “Champions never give up” and it kept repeating in my head with supporters on the side yelling “Go Yellow!” in the background I also heard “Go Lorenzo!” and I looked off to the side and I saw my parents cheering me on, then I started jogging faster and I passed more people then I also heard “CLAP!” I looked off to the side once more and I saw the Year 8 girls running and that told me I had to keep running.

As soon as I made it to the Pt.england Reserve once more time to finish off the race, then I met up with my friends and we jogged together until we got near the finish and we started sprinting leaving one behind and as soon as we passed the park I knew it was over but I also remembered “champions never give up” then I started giving it my hardest  and at the last second I just passed him by an inch, while huffing and puffing I knew it was over and my parents came to me gave me a drink bottle and I was sure they were proud of and I was also proud of myself giving it my best in the cross country.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Multiplying whole number by decimals

In maths I have been learning a strategy that involves multiplying decimals and using them to make an answer.

Explanation: Sleep

Explanation About Sleep

This Explanation is about is going to outline the process of sleep. The process of sleep is a cycle where our bodies and our minds regenerate, recover, process information and relax. Our bodies require sleep everyday so we can function to the best of our ability.

Sleep is something that allows your whole body to rest, heal and regenerate, and it also lets our brain regenerate, also organise the good information and throw the bad information in the bin and will never need to be needed in our live.

Our whole lives we have been sleeping for 24 years, by putting different people to sleep four, six or eight hours or even longer.

After days longer, the person who slept 8 hours will have a good day of memorising and learning new things, yet the person who slept 6 hours will have a similar reaction to a drunk person, then the 4 hours sleepers had to suffer of sleeping during their maths test or sleeping during their work shift, normally we should sleep up to 7-8 hours or over, if we sleep under 7-8 hours we have a high risk of heart disease,obesity and diabetes which a 12% high risk of death, if we do sleep up to 7-8 hours or over it doesn't weaken and damage our brain, also it gives us obesity and diabetes and a 30% increased risk of death.

Did you know that their are different types of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep, when you start to sleep you first start sleeping in a deep sleep, (deep sleep is when you can’t be waken and you can’t see or hear anything) then it goes to a light sleep where you start dreaming, then you go back into a deep sleep, it process repeats every time you sleep.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Bumpy Road To Rio

This week the Dr Seuss and I have been reading a story of how different things and terrible things are happening at Rio to the athletes and the country.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Saia and Gabriel's experience at silicon valley

From a term ago Gabriel and Saia have travelled to San Francisco (which is on the west coast of america) with other people from other collages, so they could experience together the different companies that have created the top things today, like Microsoft have created a new x-box called x-box one slim, and also they are trying create a new way to play games like virtual reality but it's different in different ways.

also they talked to us about the portion size of their food are nothing compared to our size of our food, they have also been talking to us about how they visited a highly security prison that got shut down at 1962 because of the three prisoners and their bodies have never been found since, they have also visited xero, Facebook/ Instagram and twitter, khan academy, yelp, IDEO, Stanford University, Kiwi Landing pad and the golden gate bridge. 

when they finished talking about what they experienced, they started talking about their favourite places, Saia told us that one of his favourite places is Stanford University, he also told us that he was dreaming of being in that school someday and in the future he would want to be an architect,  Gabriel told us that one of his favourite places in Khan Academy and he explained that it looked like a school, he also liked Alcatraz and he also explained that it was hard to see inside the prison cells and they were aloud to goo inside.

after all the talking I was inspired in thinking how the prisoners escaped and wondering if they are still alive, how they got chosen is that every two years a person from year 11 and over get a chance to experience the different companies, and someday I would imagine myself there looking at all the things that the companies are trying to do to try and improve their company. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Explanation: How Our Muscles Work

This is explanation is going to explain how muscles in the human body work.

The average human has the same amount of muscles which is over 600 muscles, and they all belong to a particular group like the smooth muscles, the cardiac muscles and the skeletal muscles.  

The smooth muscles are mostly the respiratory system and the digestive system, like when you eat something the smooth muscles push the food down as it’s being digested and the muscles push the food out when you are going to vomit and other reasons is that the smooth muscles also help us in other ways like when we want to pee the smooth muscles help hold it inside.

Now the cardiac muscles or in other ways they are called involuntary which means they work when you’re not even trying, one of the cardiac muscles is the heart which pumps blood through the rest of our body, which means you don’t have to tell it what to do it just does it by itself.

The skeletal muscles or they are also called voluntary which means you have to move them yourself and it dosen’t work by themselves, they’re controlled by different parts of the brain like the cerebral motor cortex and the cerebellum, the brain which sends an electrical signal down the spin and on to where it moves which causes them to contract, and the message is sent back to the brain which is smooth.

There are different muscles that are named different like the deltoids which are the shoulders, the pectorals or you could call them pecs, the quadriceps which are the thighs and the gluteus maximus which is the rear end, also kids don’t even have to work out they have to just keep eating healthy food and keep the bones healthy for more simple things like running or riding a bike.

Now you know all the muscles you could name them to a doctor.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sleep Sleuths

In reading the Dr Seuss and I have been reading a book about sleeping and learning all the things that we didn't know about sleeping.

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Waka Ama Nationals

In reading the Dr Seuss and I have been reading a book called Waka Ama Nationals and it was illustrated by a 12 year old girl named Marianna and her journey to the nationals.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Olympic games explaining

The Olympic Games are a competition where top athletes compete for their country or nation.
Only the top athletes from countries around the world qualify to represent their country. This explanation is going to explain how the Olympics came to be and how they changed over time.

In 776 BC (before Christ) that had only introduced sports that was music, singing and poetry and it was all about perfecting excellence, for the first thirteen years of the Olympic games starting, they only had just featured one sporting event that was the 200 yard dash.

In the town of Olympia where the Olympics we're called Olympiads and they never did what they did now for the Olympics, during the Olympics they would have to sacrifice an ox (a cow) just to honour the great Greek god Zeus which he appeared in the Greek mythology.

But over time the Greeks have been introducing new sports in the Olympics like boxing, chariot and mule racing, and a foot race where the competitors wore a full suit of armour, so they combined running, jumping, wrestling, javelin throwing and throwing the discus which in the Olympian days they called pentathlon and they inspired world class competition and in 391 ad Theodosius banned the Olympic games.

1500 years later in 1896 and started again in Athens, Greece. They combined winter and summer sports to bring top athletes around the world to compete for a medal for their country and bringing fans by the billions to watch the famous sporting competition.

Cirtius Altius and Fortius meaning Faster,Higher, stronger.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Creative writing


Once there was a group of four best friends Lorenzo, Ben, John Amour and Zane they got in this situation there moms got them into babysitting for a good amount of money. So the first job was to babysit or house sit, as they were driving they saw at what a house they we're baby sitting in, they parked up and walked in the mansion.

As they walked in the quiet dark humongous mansion they heard “I was expecting you” said a creepy voice  

They saw a lamp down the hallway and as they were creeping by, the chair spun around

“AAAAAAHHHHHH”  they all screamed

“Oh it’s just Mr Callaghan” said Ben calm voice

“Welcome boys to a new discovery” said Mr Callaghan excitedly

So then on Mr Callaghan showed them different rooms first he showed the paintball room, the spa room,the skating room and the american football training room.
“YES” said ben loudly

“SSSHHH!” they all said

As Mr Callaghan finished giving the boys a house tour he left in a cloud of smoke and outside they heard a car turn on and leave.         

As they ran to their own related rooms, but when Lorenzo entered his room, on the wall in dark green paintballs it said “Leave now or DIE”

He left the room to go tell the other and when they heard they were all shocked at who would’ve done that.

“Who do you think who done it” said Zane

“I don’t know but we should check first” said Ben

“Lets check all the rooms that’s in this house even the classified ones” said Lorenzo confidently

As they were checking Ben finds a room full of dolls.

“Guys come look at this” yells Ben
They all ran to where Ben was and he was just pointing at how scary the dolls looked

“Creepy” said Lorenzo in a scared way

“I know right” said John amour in a frightened way

“Do you guys think thats what said Leave now or die” said Zane

“You guys know that horror movies aren’t real” said Lorenzo

“Let's just keep looking” said Lorenzo

And when they left Ben was still staring at the at the dolls

“Come on Ben let's go” Lorenzo said in a rushing voice

But Ben was still staring so we all yelled “HURRY UP!” Ben got a fright and ran out.

As we were still looking we all met up back in the sitting room and we all got a fright when we saw a doll just staring at us.

“See it was them” said Zane

Then the doll started talking in a demon voice “Leave now or die” and it kept saying it repeatedly as it was walking to us, we all ran away in fright  from such a scary doll.

When they met up again “We need to fight back” Lorenzo said in a confident voice

To Be Continued...