Monday, 30 November 2015

Color poem

White is like the color of the thinking bubbles in my head when i’m doing my work
White is like the speed in my legs
White is the color on my favorite type of converse

White is always with me when I go to church

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google Expedition or Google cardboard

Today on the 24th of November we had a google expedition or a experience of the virtual world Mrs Tele’a gave us some instructions to do when it shows paused by teacher. She also told us what we would see and what the Ipad could do it could change the theme on the samsung or Iphone inside the google cardboard.
First we went to the rainforest and Mrs Tele’a told us to find diffrent animals first she told us to find a Python, then a mantis, next we had to find a dead leaf mantis.

Next we went to a 163 story tower in dubai then we went to a coliseum in paris then we went inside to have a look and it was like I was a actually inside it, then we went to other places then we finished our session it was like I never imagined being inside a virtual world and I feel like getting me one of the
google cardboard.
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