Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Today the whole school went to Sylvia park for the manaiakalani film festival but the year 7 & 8s went at a different time because there would be to much people.
But we went at a different time when ruapotaka came for there first time to the film festival, they only showed two movies and one tamaki college movie and all the angles I saw inspired me to do different kinds of angles.
Then moving on to the Pt England movies the first one was called The force “a brand new hair gel that gives you the power of a Jedi… coming to a store near you” the producer 1 said
“What's a Jedi?” Producer 2 asked
“You know from star wars” Producer 1 said
“is it the one with the glow in the dark swords?” producer 2 said  
“yea I think so” producer 1 said as they walked off
Then the movie started like it was a commercial then it ended like a commercial. we had so many movies that we had half time.

and finish it after morning tea, the last movie was my classes movie called law and order pt England the story behind it was don’t use nasty words if you’re mad at other people.

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  1. Hey, Lorenzo I like the way you explain your sentences, and I liked how you enjoyed the Movies. Keep it up!