Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Warehouse visiting

This morning we got a surprise visit from the warehouse and their generosity offered us 1094.46 (one hundred and ninety four thousand and 46 cents) for camps next year and families get a net book for people that struggle to pay for a net book, and also we got a another surprise but this was a one that our principal Mr Burt doesn't know about they were talking about what riege they were in so they were in riege 8 and they had to choose a superhero and they chose Mr Burt and with the award he also got a 500 dollar gift card, they also helped the year 8s to go to their camp for nearly a whole term.
they also said they were going to sponsor us for another 6 months like WILL.I.AM sponsored us 10,000 dollars but we couldn't spend it all so we shared some with tamaki primary.
Something I learnt from the warehouse people was that the year 7s and I were going to be the new leaders for next year and we have to show S.W.A.L.L (show what awesome look like) to the younger children who are going to be the new leaders and the year 6s that are coming to the year 7s.

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