Monday, 21 September 2015

Something I did for the first time

Something I did for the first time was go on one of the scary ride in rainbows end the power surge( it is a ride that goes up and down side to side and you go right side up and upside down), when me and my cousin was at the line of the power surge and I was already getting butterflies and we weren't on the ride yet.

When we got closer and closer to the ride I got more frightened and more frightened, when we finally got on the ride my legs were shaking because of the chill climbing up my spine making me colder and colder, and when the ride went up I started to feel something in my stomach and it felt like butterflies.

When the ride started to spin I thought we were going to go forward but we went backwards and that is more scary than going forward, when the ride finally finished I felt relieved to get off and In my head I was thinking “should I go again or go on another scary ride”

Then I said to my cousin “let's go on another scary ride”
then the next ride we went on was the invader and it was more fun going backwards.

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  1. Lorenzo, I really like the recount you have written about your time at Rainbow's End! I would love to see you work on capitalising words that name a person, place or thing (these are called proper nouns). I would also love to see you reading your work out loud before you post it, especially to check on where you should include full stops in your sentences (usually when you pause naturally when reading).