Friday, 18 September 2015

Something I did this week

Something I did this week was make a personal logo for literacy what I had in my logo was patterns and  something that I do as an activity and it said "Proud To Be Soccer Samoan" I felt proud of making it because it showed a lot about me it showed that I am an islander and I play soccer.

Another thing I learnt was at tech/technology was that we made a hamburger it was easy making our own meat patties and creating a perfect hamburger.
Firstly you need to put 1/8 of mince and put it in to a bowl and crack one egg and pour it in to the bowl with the mince mix it and while one person is doing that the other person can do this.

Secondly you need to slice and dice half of an onion and when you finished slicing and dicing the onion you can pour it in with the mince (tip.1 cut the onion in little tiny squares). and get bread crumbs plain and scoop 1/4 of a table spoon on to your chopping board. After that you need to make meat balls and roll all over the bread crumbs, you can make as many as you want just as long as you have as many mince and onion, when you did that you need the squash the meat ball on your palm if it is big you need to squeeze hard.

Next you need to put in a frying pan and put oil in the frying pan first before you put it your meat patties in, you need to put the frying pan in the left front of the oven turn it to 50 degrees, get you spatula and get flipping.

while the person is getting the meat patties ready you can get the lettuce and tomato ready for the meat patties and get you burger buns ready to, when the meat patties are ready you can take it to the buns, you need to put the lettuce first then the meat patties and put the tomato on top and then put the last burger bun on the top of your perfect hamburger.

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