Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Cross Country
Last week on a Monday It was a bright and sunny day with a breeze of wind, I felt excited to do cross country because mostly what I liked about cross country was that I loved putting my feet in the mud.

After lunch we changed into our house color some of us were in Red (Te Aroha), Yellow (Takitimu), Blue (Tainui), Green (Matatua), My house color was Yellow and I when I were a Yellow T-shirt I feel like spongebob or bumblebee.

After we changed Into our House colors we went to the court to group with the whole school when we were waiting it was freezing cold and I hate waiting in the cold, Then when the Year 6’s went the Year 7 boys and I were next and I was getting so excited.

When we went on the starting line my knees were shaking because of how cold it was just standing there, then Mr Burt (Principal) came to get us ready to run “ say no crash ups” Mr Burt said.

Then we responded “no crash ups”.

Then Mr Burt got ready and got his to pieces of blocks and hit them together and made a gunshot sound, then we all started running when we got up to the first checkpoint someone already slipped and I thought we were going to crash up all ready but the Year 7 and 8 have to do two laps but the rest of the school had to do one lap.

When I did my second lap I was excited to go and get a drink of water and when I got to the finish line I came 10th and all the other I years of being here in this school was coming in a different place and I'm glad I came 10th and finally I got a drink of water and cooled down and my mum was proud of me too I tried my hardest to get a different placing.

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  1. Congratulations on getting 10th place Lorenzo! Did you read your recount before you posted it on your blog? I think if you take the time to do this in the future you will be able to fix many of your mistakes before you submit your work.