Monday, 7 September 2015


This September My family is doing something called Steptember If you don't know what Steptember it is a walking fundraiser that is for the kids that can't walk and you have to do 10,000 step a day

My Mum started making my family do Steptember and we started eating healthy and did 10,000 for three days and yesterday we went for 2 laps around the block and when I got home I felt more fit then ever before.

Than Today we are timing ourself to see how fast we go and we have to keep on going and keep on beating our time again and again.

Steptember has fundraised $2,671,408.38 for the kids that can't walk in Africa that is the reason why we are doing Steptember you can also be in a group of four people and my team is my Dad my Uncle and my Aunty and I and my group has done 46,030 steps altogether hope you have fun for the people that are already in Steptember.

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