Friday, 28 October 2016

Attitude Talk with Paula Fakalata

On October the 25th Team 5 was visited by an Attitude Talker named Paula Fakalata and he told us about the stories he had about his friends and it also had a meaning to it.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Immersion Assembly 2016

To kickoff term 4, Pt England school held another exciting Immersion assembly to excite the student and introduce the new inquiry topic Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Changes!

Different teams throughout the school wearing different clothes , Immersion assembly started and Mr Burt and Miss Nua as the Principal and vice Principal at Pt England school, they were cooking something that smelt delicious and it was corn fritters.

Mr Burt was missing a teacher named Mr Jacobson then BOOM! And explosion happened and Mr Jacobson had black marks all over his face and body to make it look like an explosion happened.
Mr Burt called up Team 1 while still cooking corn fritters, team one were wearing witch like clothes and they were going to learn how matter can change into other objects.

Then next was team 2 and they were looking at if things sink or float, and they even did how matter can change with different temperatures and it could change again with another set of temperatures.

Then after team 2 was team 3 and they were looking at how physical object could change with a different mixture like how mentos meets Coca-cola and an mini volcanic eruption happens.

Then second to last was team 4 and they going to do some myth busting to see whether the things they hear aren’t actually true.

Lastly was team 5 and they were going to learn how solids liquids and gasses are different to each other so they took it to the test and their performance was hilarious and the commentator named himself Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom and he had an assistant name Mrs Iloa flower power that didn’t have a shower or for short slave.

We finished assembly with a song to sing it was called changes by David Bowie but a teacher at Pt England School changed the words and made it so it could go with the topic more.

My favorite performance was Team 5’s because of the laughter and the things that the teachers had to go through to get people to laugh but luckily they brought spare clothes.