Monday, 21 September 2015

Logo Explanation Recount

Want to make a personal logo that represents yourself? Yes, well today's your lucky day.

Firstly you make a list of what culture you are, what sport you play, and what you do or see everyday.

Next thing you have to do is draw 4 or more thumbnail concept ( a thumbnail concept is a logo that is the shape of your thumb) on a piece of blank paper.

The third step is to make your concept stand out by adding colour or by changing the font around and see how it looks.

The last and final step is to draw it on a computer and save the file type as jpg or png.  To save paper, go to print preview and edit any changes required before you print.

It could be used for merchandise or for representing a club or school.

Something I did for the first time

Something I did for the first time was go on one of the scary ride in rainbows end the power surge( it is a ride that goes up and down side to side and you go right side up and upside down), when me and my cousin was at the line of the power surge and I was already getting butterflies and we weren't on the ride yet.

When we got closer and closer to the ride I got more frightened and more frightened, when we finally got on the ride my legs were shaking because of the chill climbing up my spine making me colder and colder, and when the ride went up I started to feel something in my stomach and it felt like butterflies.

When the ride started to spin I thought we were going to go forward but we went backwards and that is more scary than going forward, when the ride finally finished I felt relieved to get off and In my head I was thinking “should I go again or go on another scary ride”

Then I said to my cousin “let's go on another scary ride”
then the next ride we went on was the invader and it was more fun going backwards.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Something I did this week

Something I did this week was make a personal logo for literacy what I had in my logo was patterns and  something that I do as an activity and it said "Proud To Be Soccer Samoan" I felt proud of making it because it showed a lot about me it showed that I am an islander and I play soccer.

Another thing I learnt was at tech/technology was that we made a hamburger it was easy making our own meat patties and creating a perfect hamburger.
Firstly you need to put 1/8 of mince and put it in to a bowl and crack one egg and pour it in to the bowl with the mince mix it and while one person is doing that the other person can do this.

Secondly you need to slice and dice half of an onion and when you finished slicing and dicing the onion you can pour it in with the mince (tip.1 cut the onion in little tiny squares). and get bread crumbs plain and scoop 1/4 of a table spoon on to your chopping board. After that you need to make meat balls and roll all over the bread crumbs, you can make as many as you want just as long as you have as many mince and onion, when you did that you need the squash the meat ball on your palm if it is big you need to squeeze hard.

Next you need to put in a frying pan and put oil in the frying pan first before you put it your meat patties in, you need to put the frying pan in the left front of the oven turn it to 50 degrees, get you spatula and get flipping.

while the person is getting the meat patties ready you can get the lettuce and tomato ready for the meat patties and get you burger buns ready to, when the meat patties are ready you can take it to the buns, you need to put the lettuce first then the meat patties and put the tomato on top and then put the last burger bun on the top of your perfect hamburger.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How To Create A Personal Logo

This is a video that has five steps on how to make a personal logo that represents yourself and other people find about you. It also helps you with a business logo or a job.

You can also make a T-shirt design with your own logo on it so hope you enjoy my little video.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Cross Country
Last week on a Monday It was a bright and sunny day with a breeze of wind, I felt excited to do cross country because mostly what I liked about cross country was that I loved putting my feet in the mud.

After lunch we changed into our house color some of us were in Red (Te Aroha), Yellow (Takitimu), Blue (Tainui), Green (Matatua), My house color was Yellow and I when I were a Yellow T-shirt I feel like spongebob or bumblebee.

After we changed Into our House colors we went to the court to group with the whole school when we were waiting it was freezing cold and I hate waiting in the cold, Then when the Year 6’s went the Year 7 boys and I were next and I was getting so excited.

When we went on the starting line my knees were shaking because of how cold it was just standing there, then Mr Burt (Principal) came to get us ready to run “ say no crash ups” Mr Burt said.

Then we responded “no crash ups”.

Then Mr Burt got ready and got his to pieces of blocks and hit them together and made a gunshot sound, then we all started running when we got up to the first checkpoint someone already slipped and I thought we were going to crash up all ready but the Year 7 and 8 have to do two laps but the rest of the school had to do one lap.

When I did my second lap I was excited to go and get a drink of water and when I got to the finish line I came 10th and all the other I years of being here in this school was coming in a different place and I'm glad I came 10th and finally I got a drink of water and cooled down and my mum was proud of me too I tried my hardest to get a different placing.

Monday, 7 September 2015


This September My family is doing something called Steptember If you don't know what Steptember it is a walking fundraiser that is for the kids that can't walk and you have to do 10,000 step a day

My Mum started making my family do Steptember and we started eating healthy and did 10,000 for three days and yesterday we went for 2 laps around the block and when I got home I felt more fit then ever before.

Than Today we are timing ourself to see how fast we go and we have to keep on going and keep on beating our time again and again.

Steptember has fundraised $2,671,408.38 for the kids that can't walk in Africa that is the reason why we are doing Steptember you can also be in a group of four people and my team is my Dad my Uncle and my Aunty and I and my group has done 46,030 steps altogether hope you have fun for the people that are already in Steptember.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

What I learnt this week

This week I learnt about a strategy ratios and Mr Wiseman gave us a website called thinking blocks it helps you learn/understand ratios and it gives you some questions just to make sure you understand how ratios work.
Another thing I learnt was on Thursday we have technology or tech for short, but the year 8's go on Tuesday there are four classes Graphics, Music, Cooking and Hard martial this term I'm in cooking and Yesterday we cooked salsa I was so excited when it was my first time in cooking the salsa also tasted delicious but we got into groups of 2 - 3.
 In graphics you get to draw and make a takeaway box and make a poster that represents a restaurant that you created.

In woodwork you have to create something just from a piece of wood and I created a old racing car and added detail by drawing a little wheel.
The last and final class is music you get to play instruments and see how much you know about that instrument.
Also in reading I did an activity the activity was that we had to make a personal logo that represents your own culture and yourself here is what it looks like.