Friday, 4 September 2015

What I learnt this week

This week I learnt about a strategy ratios and Mr Wiseman gave us a website called thinking blocks it helps you learn/understand ratios and it gives you some questions just to make sure you understand how ratios work.
Another thing I learnt was on Thursday we have technology or tech for short, but the year 8's go on Tuesday there are four classes Graphics, Music, Cooking and Hard martial this term I'm in cooking and Yesterday we cooked salsa I was so excited when it was my first time in cooking the salsa also tasted delicious but we got into groups of 2 - 3.
 In graphics you get to draw and make a takeaway box and make a poster that represents a restaurant that you created.

In woodwork you have to create something just from a piece of wood and I created a old racing car and added detail by drawing a little wheel.
The last and final class is music you get to play instruments and see how much you know about that instrument.
Also in reading I did an activity the activity was that we had to make a personal logo that represents your own culture and yourself here is what it looks like.

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