Tuesday, 28 October 2014

British Map

We have been reading about the Victorian Age. We found out that children used to learn which countries were part of the British Empire by looking on a map. All of the countries in the British Empire were red or pink. I have highlighted the countries in the British Empire during the Victorian Era in red or pink.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

How To Be A Good Pt Englander

How To Be A Good Pt Englander
To be a good pt Englander you have to be polite so you can make friends with other kids. Another thing you have to do is wear it with pride that is the way you can look smart. Another thing how you can be a good pt Englander is be cyber smart this way you can look smart online and not leave any bad footprints online too.

Being polite as a pt Englander is say your manners like Please, Thank you and Excuse me. You call them by their name. An example of when you can say these things is when you get something you say Thank you (Name) Or when you are trying to go through people you say Excuse me (Name) or when you want something you say please (Name).

Student at pt England school Wear it with pride. Because that is the way you can look smart be tidy and represent your school and family.Wear it with pride is like tucking in your shirt under your jumper and not tie your jumper around your waist

Being cyber smart is another way you can be smart online. We use our Chromebooks for learning and researching not for playing games and listening to music we use it for good things. Don’t play games at the wrong time when visitors come and see you doing those bad things.

This can help you when you're helping a new kid that comes to your school you do these things and they’ll start as a good child. they will wear it with pride and be Cyber smart and be polite.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

From Corned Beef to captain cook

In a book we were reading about Michel Tuffrey he made a bull out of squashed tuna cans his mum told him stories about bulls and that's what inspired him to make it and what I made is a picture of Posiden one of the Greek mythology god and I researched about him and did questions.

-Where does he come from?

He comes from a Greek mythology

                    -Does he have children?
yes he has 7 children

                    -Does he have a symbol about himself?
Yes he has Trident, Fish, Dolphin, Horse and Bull 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Day At The Cinemas

On the 9th of October My mum dad and I went to the cinemas to find our seats as we sat down i was excited to see the maze runner but we had to go toilet, when we came back from the toilets the movie started. it started  off when there was a man that couldn't remember anything even his name but a man called Alby just told him that “you’ll remember a hour or two” and when it was a two hours ago he was having a competition with the leader of the glade (village and people) Gally.

he was having a wrestling competition if you go out of the circle you lose the match, until he was pushed to the ground he said “Thomas, my name is Thomas I remember my name! My name is Thomas!” One of the people from the crowd said “correct!” then the crowd went wild “welcome home Thomas” Gally said.

When Thomas was going to look at something called the maze a Large maze but if you get stuck you will have to survive a night with gravers there mechanical spider aliens there like spiders with stingers that make people get mind controlled to kill people but Thomas came back to the glade and shouted “help help!” and everyone went to help out Thomas.

when the maze runner was nearly finish we got ready to go out of the hunters plaza the movie finished we went outside and I continued eating the popcorn while we were going to the car park I was so full and tired of eating popcorn.