Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Reflection of the whole year

Success Criteria:  
We'll know we have succeeded when our reflection covers the
9 guides that help me to reflect on this year and the year ahead.
a. How do you feel about this year? what I felt about this year was that I made some friends with the year 8s
b. What did you find especially satisfying this year? What I found satisfying this year is finding new strategies for maths.
c. What did you find especially frustrating/difficult this year? What I found difficult/frustrating this year was trying to use the strategies for our gloss test
d. If you were to to give yourself a grade out of 10 - 10 being awesome…what would you grade yourself? Why? I would grade myself 9/10 because when I’m doing my literacy I’m hard working but by the time I do maths I stop thinking.
e. In what ways did you contribute to team 5 in 2015? I Payed to go on every trip for this whole year even the end of year trip
f. What would you change for yourself in 2016?What I would change for myself is when I’m doing my work I should share my answers to other instead of just sitting there
g. What might you want next year’s teacher to know about you (things you’re good at)? What I would let my teacher know about me is that I’m hard working and Im always thinking when I'm doing work  
h. What things might you want more help with? Something I might want more help with is joining some school sports teams because I always play sports when It’s play time
i. What could you show your teacher from your blog to help her/him understand those things? I would show more information in what I would change and fix up

This I was so excited being a year 7 making year 8 friends I thought it would be hard making new friends but I had some of my friends that I had through the whole year, Something I thought was really hard was doing P.E every day and I was so exhausted after every P.E run but most of the time I have Kiwi sport I had volley ball for this whole term.
The trips I went to was fun at the beginning of the year we went to polyfest, in term 4 the year 7s went to rainbows end and our last end of year trip is going to parakai and it is next monday but I won’t be here on the last day of school because I am taking a trip to samoa for two weeks.

I will still come back for my school holidays and sleep over my cousins house, what I hope for next year is being a house captain for next year and being a great leader.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Warehouse visiting

This morning we got a surprise visit from the warehouse and their generosity offered us 1094.46 (one hundred and ninety four thousand and 46 cents) for camps next year and families get a net book for people that struggle to pay for a net book, and also we got a another surprise but this was a one that our principal Mr Burt doesn't know about they were talking about what riege they were in so they were in riege 8 and they had to choose a superhero and they chose Mr Burt and with the award he also got a 500 dollar gift card, they also helped the year 8s to go to their camp for nearly a whole term.
they also said they were going to sponsor us for another 6 months like WILL.I.AM sponsored us 10,000 dollars but we couldn't spend it all so we shared some with tamaki primary.
Something I learnt from the warehouse people was that the year 7s and I were going to be the new leaders for next year and we have to show S.W.A.L.L (show what awesome look like) to the younger children who are going to be the new leaders and the year 6s that are coming to the year 7s.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Today the whole school went to Sylvia park for the manaiakalani film festival but the year 7 & 8s went at a different time because there would be to much people.
But we went at a different time when ruapotaka came for there first time to the film festival, they only showed two movies and one tamaki college movie and all the angles I saw inspired me to do different kinds of angles.
Then moving on to the Pt England movies the first one was called The force “a brand new hair gel that gives you the power of a Jedi… coming to a store near you” the producer 1 said
“What's a Jedi?” Producer 2 asked
“You know from star wars” Producer 1 said
“is it the one with the glow in the dark swords?” producer 2 said  
“yea I think so” producer 1 said as they walked off
Then the movie started like it was a commercial then it ended like a commercial. we had so many movies that we had half time.

and finish it after morning tea, the last movie was my classes movie called law and order pt England the story behind it was don’t use nasty words if you’re mad at other people.