Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

For Inquiry Room 2 and Mr Wiseman have been creating some wood and nail art but we had to complete it in partners, my partner was John-lee and we had some trouble finishing it but we ended up with a finished project, Mr Wiseman was explaining to us how we can do it and the different ways we see it.

In this first step we nailed in the edges and insides of the star with a paper stencil.
 In the second step we tied up one of the nails to the wool and started experimenting different shapes and lines, and this is what we ended up with.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Polynesian Navigation

The Roald Dahls have been reading on different ways on polynesian navigation there are ways were you can use the stars, ocean, clouds, and the birds to find nearby land.

Polynesian Navigation Advice Column

In this Presentation I will be sharing some advice with my friend John Amour on how to sail across the pacific.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Luminate Visits Pt England School

Image result for I luminate
As lunchtime finished Team 5 we're all sitting in the street waiting to go to the hall to have some fun in the dark, as we were walking we saw everybody else just sitting in their spots but we were not sitting on chairs, as we were talking and talking we we're finally getting ready to see the special performance, when Miss Nua was talking she mentioned someone who was watching us at our assembly and thought that we looked like a good bunch of children and the lady also mentioned that she had friends named i luminate, we were all excited to see what they had for us.

Then the lights suddenly turned off and everyone went “ooooooohhhh!”

With nothing to see I could here Junior next to me but I didn’t know were he was, then a flash of light came from the stage drawing everyone’s attention with music, with a lot of encouragement coming the Pt England which encouraged the dancers to do a lot more dancing and showing how they move in the dark, the act finished with everyone in disappointment but Mr Jacobsen came out and Yelled “the show isn’t over just yet,”

He kept on going on and on until the dancers revealed themselves and introduced them to us the dancers were named Matt, Lisa and Trev (short for Trevor) as they showed us some secrets that told us how they did that and how they didn’t fall off the stage, when they finished talking the kapa haka group came onto show what the Pt Englanders can do, when we finished our item we also showed them the New Zealand All Blacks Haka as they were doing it making us all laugh built up our spirits to never feel down.

Them Mr Jacobsen came back on to say “Seniors stay to ask i luminate questions and everyone else go back to class,”

As we were waiting we were all thinking of some questions to say to Matt, Trev and Lisa then Mrs Tele’a called out “I want 5 students in a line to ask questions to these beautiful people, when people quickly came up they already had their questions ready to be answered, there were a lot of good questions but such a small time and when we went off back to class we all had something to talk about, then we all got sent off home to tell the rest of our family.

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Remarkable Reti

For reading the Roald Dahls have been learning about the differences between a fact and opinion and how we can prove that Colin can fish a reti board and different ways and if he tells secrets on how to use it and how you can make a perfect reti.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Two Myths About The Discovery Of New Zealand

On the first week of learning the Roald Dahls have been reading two stuff about New Zealand myths about the discovery of New Zealand, the first myth is about Maui and the magic fish hook in this story Maui pulls up a giant fish which was actually the North Island and the Waka of Maui is the south island and the anchor is stweart island.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Today is a new day and the first day of a new term and what's special about this term is that everything is about art and the different ways we see it, Team one is learning about they're favourite things and what they can create out of it and how they will do it.

Team two is learning about how they can draw things about the different weathers and as I was watching a short video the teachers of team 2 had created, during the video I could see Miss Nalda's costume is all spring coloured clothes, as I could the juniors were excited to.

Team 3 is going to learn about buildings and how they could create one out of different materials and during another video the team 3 created I saw Miss King dressed as hard helmet and a safety jacket and in the video they were creating a house, how it came out it looked like a tent and the problem that they had is that when they have people over it's all cramped inside.

After team 3 was team 4 and what was awesome about team 4's video it was told by Mr Goodwin also played as bat guy and during the video I saw Mr Somerville dressed as Captain America but was called "Team Leader America" and Miss Lavakula was dressed as wonder woman but was called "Wondering woman" is that they're going to make comic books and watch some stuff that could relate to comic books and read some of the original created comic books Illustrated by Stan lee.

Next was Team 5 and what were going to learn about is how the different boats of pasifika represent different meanings for example Hikianalia represent the stars and how they rise with it, Te Aurere representing blood, sweat and tears, Hokule'a represents the ancestors and the navigators and Hine moana represents the large ocean, as the commentator Miss Clark was talking to the contesters they named something called the battle of the waka and as Miss Clark get's the racers ready saying "Ready... Set... Go!" we were cheering on the waka's and as we were cheering Hokule'a goes pass the finish line and wins everything.

My favourite team was team 4 because I am a big fan of super hero's all their weakness what could make them stronger and what gave them their powers in the first place.