Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Saia and Gabriel's experience at silicon valley

From a term ago Gabriel and Saia have travelled to San Francisco (which is on the west coast of america) with other people from other collages, so they could experience together the different companies that have created the top things today, like Microsoft have created a new x-box called x-box one slim, and also they are trying create a new way to play games like virtual reality but it's different in different ways.

also they talked to us about the portion size of their food are nothing compared to our size of our food, they have also been talking to us about how they visited a highly security prison that got shut down at 1962 because of the three prisoners and their bodies have never been found since, they have also visited xero, Facebook/ Instagram and twitter, khan academy, yelp, IDEO, Stanford University, Kiwi Landing pad and the golden gate bridge. 

when they finished talking about what they experienced, they started talking about their favourite places, Saia told us that one of his favourite places is Stanford University, he also told us that he was dreaming of being in that school someday and in the future he would want to be an architect,  Gabriel told us that one of his favourite places in Khan Academy and he explained that it looked like a school, he also liked Alcatraz and he also explained that it was hard to see inside the prison cells and they were aloud to goo inside.

after all the talking I was inspired in thinking how the prisoners escaped and wondering if they are still alive, how they got chosen is that every two years a person from year 11 and over get a chance to experience the different companies, and someday I would imagine myself there looking at all the things that the companies are trying to do to try and improve their company. 

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