Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross country

On a fine day with a bright colored sun shining on the grass with little drops of water reflecting the sun and blinding me, and with everyone else at Pt.england school was sitting on the hot boiling concrete, with everyone sitting in their year groups and gender groups and even in their house colors which is Hikianalia Yellow, Hine Moana Blue, Hokule'a Green and Te aurere Red, and with the senior kids going last while we were all feeling our stomachs slowly churning like a washing machine and feeling little drops of sweat falling down my face.

As the other year groups were going one by one we were only left with year 7 and 8 boys and girls still waiting in the hot sun, then the countdown started with the year 7 boys going first out of the seniors “CLAP!” the year 7’s raced off to the course with two laps to start with ,minuets later the year 7 girls went to the starting with adrenaline rushing through my veins feeling the excitement.

then it was the year 8 boys turn we all stood up walking in a line to the starting line, as we stopped I started feeling the grass with my feet then everything faded to black and it started to go quiet “CLAP!” the race was off with everyone around me and trying to beat everyone else.

We passed 4 checkpoints and then we went onto the big field and it started getting harder because of the heat and I tried my hardest to not stop in the hot boiling sun, then we passed checkpoints under the trees then I started to cool of.

Then I passed the last checkpoint and then on to lap 2 then it started getting more hard because my legs started to feel like jelly but I always remembered “Champions never give up” and it kept repeating in my head with supporters on the side yelling “Go Yellow!” in the background I also heard “Go Lorenzo!” and I looked off to the side and I saw my parents cheering me on, then I started jogging faster and I passed more people then I also heard “CLAP!” I looked off to the side once more and I saw the Year 8 girls running and that told me I had to keep running.

As soon as I made it to the Pt.england Reserve once more time to finish off the race, then I met up with my friends and we jogged together until we got near the finish and we started sprinting leaving one behind and as soon as we passed the park I knew it was over but I also remembered “champions never give up” then I started giving it my hardest  and at the last second I just passed him by an inch, while huffing and puffing I knew it was over and my parents came to me gave me a drink bottle and I was sure they were proud of and I was also proud of myself giving it my best in the cross country.

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