Thursday, 4 August 2016

Olympic games explaining

The Olympic Games are a competition where top athletes compete for their country or nation.
Only the top athletes from countries around the world qualify to represent their country. This explanation is going to explain how the Olympics came to be and how they changed over time.

In 776 BC (before Christ) that had only introduced sports that was music, singing and poetry and it was all about perfecting excellence, for the first thirteen years of the Olympic games starting, they only had just featured one sporting event that was the 200 yard dash.

In the town of Olympia where the Olympics we're called Olympiads and they never did what they did now for the Olympics, during the Olympics they would have to sacrifice an ox (a cow) just to honour the great Greek god Zeus which he appeared in the Greek mythology.

But over time the Greeks have been introducing new sports in the Olympics like boxing, chariot and mule racing, and a foot race where the competitors wore a full suit of armour, so they combined running, jumping, wrestling, javelin throwing and throwing the discus which in the Olympian days they called pentathlon and they inspired world class competition and in 391 ad Theodosius banned the Olympic games.

1500 years later in 1896 and started again in Athens, Greece. They combined winter and summer sports to bring top athletes around the world to compete for a medal for their country and bringing fans by the billions to watch the famous sporting competition.

Cirtius Altius and Fortius meaning Faster,Higher, stronger.

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