Monday, 27 June 2016

Creative writing


Once there was a group of four best friends Lorenzo, Ben, John Amour and Zane they got in this situation there moms got them into babysitting for a good amount of money. So the first job was to babysit or house sit, as they were driving they saw at what a house they we're baby sitting in, they parked up and walked in the mansion.

As they walked in the quiet dark humongous mansion they heard “I was expecting you” said a creepy voice  

They saw a lamp down the hallway and as they were creeping by, the chair spun around

“AAAAAAHHHHHH”  they all screamed

“Oh it’s just Mr Callaghan” said Ben calm voice

“Welcome boys to a new discovery” said Mr Callaghan excitedly

So then on Mr Callaghan showed them different rooms first he showed the paintball room, the spa room,the skating room and the american football training room.
“YES” said ben loudly

“SSSHHH!” they all said

As Mr Callaghan finished giving the boys a house tour he left in a cloud of smoke and outside they heard a car turn on and leave.         

As they ran to their own related rooms, but when Lorenzo entered his room, on the wall in dark green paintballs it said “Leave now or DIE”

He left the room to go tell the other and when they heard they were all shocked at who would’ve done that.

“Who do you think who done it” said Zane

“I don’t know but we should check first” said Ben

“Lets check all the rooms that’s in this house even the classified ones” said Lorenzo confidently

As they were checking Ben finds a room full of dolls.

“Guys come look at this” yells Ben
They all ran to where Ben was and he was just pointing at how scary the dolls looked

“Creepy” said Lorenzo in a scared way

“I know right” said John amour in a frightened way

“Do you guys think thats what said Leave now or die” said Zane

“You guys know that horror movies aren’t real” said Lorenzo

“Let's just keep looking” said Lorenzo

And when they left Ben was still staring at the at the dolls

“Come on Ben let's go” Lorenzo said in a rushing voice

But Ben was still staring so we all yelled “HURRY UP!” Ben got a fright and ran out.

As we were still looking we all met up back in the sitting room and we all got a fright when we saw a doll just staring at us.

“See it was them” said Zane

Then the doll started talking in a demon voice “Leave now or die” and it kept saying it repeatedly as it was walking to us, we all ran away in fright  from such a scary doll.

When they met up again “We need to fight back” Lorenzo said in a confident voice

To Be Continued...

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  1. Hi Lorenzo,

    I really like the end part "We need to fight back Lorenzo said in a confident voice" Why? because some of us here are really shy to have that confident Voice so Keep up the great work Lorenzo.

    Cecillia - (Panmure Bridge)