Friday, 19 August 2016

Explanation: Sleep

Explanation About Sleep

This Explanation is about is going to outline the process of sleep. The process of sleep is a cycle where our bodies and our minds regenerate, recover, process information and relax. Our bodies require sleep everyday so we can function to the best of our ability.

Sleep is something that allows your whole body to rest, heal and regenerate, and it also lets our brain regenerate, also organise the good information and throw the bad information in the bin and will never need to be needed in our live.

Our whole lives we have been sleeping for 24 years, by putting different people to sleep four, six or eight hours or even longer.

After days longer, the person who slept 8 hours will have a good day of memorising and learning new things, yet the person who slept 6 hours will have a similar reaction to a drunk person, then the 4 hours sleepers had to suffer of sleeping during their maths test or sleeping during their work shift, normally we should sleep up to 7-8 hours or over, if we sleep under 7-8 hours we have a high risk of heart disease,obesity and diabetes which a 12% high risk of death, if we do sleep up to 7-8 hours or over it doesn't weaken and damage our brain, also it gives us obesity and diabetes and a 30% increased risk of death.

Did you know that their are different types of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep, when you start to sleep you first start sleeping in a deep sleep, (deep sleep is when you can’t be waken and you can’t see or hear anything) then it goes to a light sleep where you start dreaming, then you go back into a deep sleep, it process repeats every time you sleep.


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