Thursday, 22 September 2016

Experience Day @ Tamaki Collage

On Tuesday 20th of September The year 8s went to Tamaki Collage for Experience Day, We left Pt england  8:30 and we got there at 8:54 we had a meeting at the Tamaki Collage Auditorium and our tour leaders where former Pt england students that are year 9 and 10 and we had a talk with Mrs Moore who was a deputy principal and she split us up into our groups and the first class we went to was social studies with Mr Allison, we learnt about the different ways other countries get to school one of the coolest ways to get to school is with a Zip line the first period finished and it took 35 minuets to finish the class, then we moved to Mathematics with Mrs Dunn and we learnt about algebra and the confusing questions became the easy questions and she was interested in seeing some of us next year, then the second period finished and went back to the auditorium to have morning tea and they provided free food they gave us a fruit watch and a water bottle with fruit and nutri-bars, they let us roam around the school just as long as we don't go off school grounds, Morning tea finished and we went to our normal tech classes and for tech I am now in hard materials and we are making Necklaces with pewters and the necklace has to mean something in order to give it to someone close, first and second period finished, then we had lunch once again and we had subway and it was delicious, the lunch bell rang and we were going to our last class and it was English class and we were just learning about the things that would fit with the word best, the last period finished with a little bit more time to go our last class was P.E and we just did normal sports stuff but we got separated in groups the boys that wanted to play rugby and earn skills and training, but I stayed in and played normal team games, the bell rang and we met back at the auditorium with us meeting Mr Dunn there and he was also a Deputy Principal and was talked to us about the people that get good grades and represent this school and he even told us about George Moala coming to this collage.
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