Thursday, 17 November 2016

Letter To Kaikoura

To the people of Kaikoura

I have recently heard that two people passed away, I have alse heard the you were hit by a 7.5 earthquake and it could be felt in auckland.

I am sorry about hearing the lost of the loved ones, on the new it showed all the destruction that the earthquake has caused, it has showed reefs being pushed up from the ocean and near the islands the rocks in the ocean have been pushed up also so the sea water is lower than the rocks.

It has also hit the animals in farms and three cows were lucky enough that they got christmas early and they survived an earthquake on one remaining land, tourists from regions will sadly not be visiting the beautiful part of New Zealand.

You were also cut away from power and water but some parts of Kaikoura have been powered back up and have water again.



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