Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Nan And My Aunty

My Nana
My Nan is like A angel to my family. She treats me like a newborn baby, My Nana likes baking custard pie and banana cakes with cream for icing.  My Nana’s different to other people because she likes baking things for something special like a wedding or a Birthday cake, when it was my birthday she baked me a pumpkin cake to celebrate. My Nan’s the best in the world.

My Aunty

My Aunty is like a real parent to me. She buys me things when if I clean my hole room up, she buys me games for my PS3 she buys shoes for church she buys me all kinds of things that I like. My Aunt shouts at me when I be bad to my baby cousin, she made life to a new born baby last year.My Aunty is the best out of my two uncles which are her two brothers.

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