Monday, 28 July 2014

Holiday Highlight

Guess what I did in the holidays?  Last week me and my cousins were just bored and just watching cartoon network, Nickelodeon, and the Fifa world cup until my mum came and told us if we wanted to go somewhere and we shouted “YES!” So she gave us a surprise.

She took us to rainbows end! The first ride we went on was the Family kart's. Next we went to the pirate ship but we had to stay in the middle because me and my mum have butterflies every time we go high in the air. My cousins weren't that excited until we went to the scorpion kart's its like family kart's but you can drive by yourself. I had to stay with my cousin xela because we didn't know how to drive yet but I had the height of the meter line, the next ride was my favourite the bumper kart's it had a long line. we waited for 5 minutes and finally we made it to the front of the line, next the friend of  the bumper kart's the bumper boats it was wet every time I bumped into other people.

the next day she gave us another surprise so she took us to the movies to watch transformers 4 age of extinction it was a awesome movie until the best part came in were the dinobots came in when optimus prime riding Grim lock the Tyrannosaurus Rex the king of the dinobots and bumblebee riding swoop the tridactyl. then the next movie we watched was how to train your dragon 2 it was a great and sad movie its like you don’t know what's coming in the movie, hiccup lost his father the chief of Berk but now hiccup is following his steps to being a chief and so is toothless he is the alpha of all dragons.

until the day has come the last day of holidays and my Sunday school exams I did the test but I think I have 100% it was the best week of the holidays.  

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  1. That was more batter then my School Holidays.

    keep up the good work From your friend Maroroa.