Friday, 20 March 2015

Trip To Polyfest

Guess what happened yesterday? The Year 7 and 8 people went to Polyfest yesterday It was really fun when we were on the bus singing talking and what we might do at Polyfest. Soon when the bus driver dropped us off at gate 3. We had to wait for a long time and my feet were getting tiring so I sat down and waited and waited.

Next we started going in and checking out our bags and pockets just to make sure we don’t have any dangerous weapons on us. We walked to the ASB tent and we sat down next to the other schools that came in gate 3.

Soon all of a sudden John key came out of no where and talked to us about what is going to happen everyone was surprised that they saw John key. After John key finished giving his speech we went to do our activities. The first activity we did was a tennis ball hitting time limit, What we had to do was hit the tennis ball and see how fast it goes.

Something I liked at ASB Polyfest was asking for free stuff and getting free lollies.
What I learnt at Polyfest was that Young people dance for their culture and to show what they do in their culture.

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