Friday, 8 April 2016

FiaFia Night 2016

FiaFia Night 2016

As I was getting ready I heard “If Lorenzo is here please come to the maker space”

,as I looked I saw Mr Wiseman at the white tent and I quickly walked to the breeze and who I met there was Mr Wiseman and as we we're walking to the makerspace he told me “I was gonna do your part but I didn’t want to because you're so much better than me.”

When we entered the makerspace everyone says “Finally he’s here.”

Then I went to go get change for the Rock band and when I came back we all were excited and Mr Wiseman started encouraging us to do what we do best because and there is no one that can do this better than us.

Then we started to walk to the stage and when I got there I was so surprised when I saw a lot of people sitting and standing in front and on the side of the stage.

As we were waiting with the Kapa Haka group and they said a prayer and as they were waiting to be announced on, Mr Wiseman gave us plans to get the band gear on the stage fast so that the audience wouldn’t have to wait that much.

Then when they were announced on I was getting more nervous than I was before, then when they finished the mc’s we're keeping the audience entertained then Mr Wiseman tapped one of them on the shoulder then we were ready to be announced on stage.

As we finished our performance, we were all proud of ourselves especially me because I had the most hard parts of the song but at least I did well during the song and so did the rest, as the other groups performed I was so surprised also but the best group I saw was the junior hip hop just because they added the Dab, Whip and Nea Nea.

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