Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How To Use Your W.I.T.S

We can use our wits to keep us away from fights.

W-walk away from bad things and to calm down Later when you feel better you can fix the problem.

When someone teases you or ask you for a fight. It looks like some ignoring a argument.
T- Talk about what happen to someone who was sad and help them with what they did. And it sounds like talking friendly to each other.

We can talk to our teacher,parents,brothers sisters and friends.
S stands for seek help you might need this when you are in trouble and seek help at the beach and scream “Help” for the life guard.

Sometime you might need this at school,at the beach. You could ask
the lifeguard and teachers.

You can use your W.I.T.S to fix your problem. They are good to know for a bad situation.

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