Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Holiday highlight

During the holidays my cousins and I went to the movies. At the movie me and my cousins watched walking with dinosaurs in 3D it felt like it was coming at me. After that my aunt took me and my cousins shopping at new world. We bought drinks,chocolate,cookies and ice cream and I had permission from my mum that I could sleep over. So my uncle set up his computer to the TV with the HDMI cord, and watched pacific rim and wolverine. On the next day me and my cousins woke up and we had chores to do early in the morning we had to do dishes,pack it away. we had to make barbecue for my uncle’s birthday and his cake was yum. My aunt gave us a surprise and we went to the movies again since I was there. so what we watched was Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 in 2D. It was a good movie I can’t stop thinking about it. So we got butter chicken for lunch. We went to time-out the arcade to have some fun after lunch. my cousin and me went to play on his PS3. We played Mine craft play station 3 edition and played with his on-line friend It was fun. The next day my mum picked me up and I had to go home back to my naughty.

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