Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

Yesterday Pt England school had a Immersion Assembly.  It had lots of teachers in costumes doing a play or a movie about this terms topic Trade & Enterprise. It was looking very exciting!  

For the team 1 item it was about team 1 going to have a market around this term and the teachers were throwing chocolate coins around the hall what the kids shouted “Yes” They might be excited to buy things from their own market and sell some things.

Team 2 was about ice cream and the teachers were dressed in onesies they were characters from winnie the pooh and we had to do a quiz to get a chocolate, all the answers were easy for every answer I raised my hand up like a thunder storm but I still didn’t get picked.

Team 3 was about what you would want to be when you’re older the teachers also made a movie with a YMCA song in the background and Miss king called all her guests to come up and some kids wanted to be a fire engine, one wanted to be a surgeon and two people from team 5 said “I want to be a soccer player” and someone else from the year team 5 block said “I don’t know” and everyone in the hall started laughing and Miss king said “come on you have to be something” “a Engineer” .

Team 4 did a play about a boy named bob and his three emotions Calm,Sassy and extra happy I knew Miss Lavakula was extra happy because she skipped on stage and had a big smile on her face, I knew Mr Goodwin was calm because of the way he was talking like he was tired  and he was walking like he was lazy, I knew Mr somerville was sassy because the way he came in flicking he fingers moving his head back and forth and the way he was talking.

Then we moved on to the next and last team, team 5 it was about a play with Mr Wiseman, Mrs Moala,Miss peato and Mr Barks, when Mr Wiseman said “I have all the money when we need something” when Mr wise forgot about his dinner with Mrs tele’a and when a truck arrived in front of their house and they rushed in trying to persuade Mr Wiseman and his wife Mr Barks and when Mr wiseman said “don’t worry honey we don’t need those toe rags because were financially” then we all shouted “Responsible"

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