Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rough draft

A boys first taste of burger king
Once upon a time in the year of 2020 it was a boys birthday and his name was Tim when he got out of bed “its my birthday its my birthday” Tim Yelling and when he went downstairs Bang! “Happy Birthday” shouted tim’s parents would you like the breakfast of your life you can choose when you change out of your pajamas. I ran upstairs to get changed into my birthday clothes it had cakes on my shirt and candles that said 11 and jeans and my new shoes. when I went down my mum said “what would you like for breakfast” I said.

“ I really feel like some hot cakes at mcdonald's”. My Dad yelled “hey son can you come here” “Sure Dad” I said. When I went to him I saw on the news every Mcdonalds in auckland is getting closed down. I gasped “we better hurry mum lets go”. when we rushed to the nearest Mcdonalds there was a long line that went all the way to the drive thru, it was so far that I couldn’t even see the front of the line so we rushed to the next Mcdonald's and it was packed too, we went to every one of them until one Mcdonald that was not open yet “Finally” I said to myself. When my mum went to go look at the time it opens she said “Son we might not have any breakfast today”. “why” I said to my mum.”It’s already closed” she said, then I said in a down voice “let’s go home Mum”. “come on son you can taste the breakfast at burger king” my Mum said. “But you know I don’t like burger king” I said. “who knows it might taste the same” my Mum said. “Ok” I said. When we went to Burger king I said “this looks like the 1990’s”. “ I would like one hot cakes” my mum said. when my hotcakes came it looked yum it had butter syrup it's just like the one at Mcdonalds. when I had my first taste it was a beautiful taste, “we should come here every time” I said. “Ok” my Mum said. when we got home and I saw my dad still in the same spot we left him in, “how was your breakfast”. “A nice beautiful taste of breakfast” I said. “where did you go to get your breakfast”. “Burger king and it was my first time there” I said. and when I went to my room I saw a big flat screen tv with a ps4 connected to it “thank you” I yelled. then I lived happy all my life.

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