Friday, 4 March 2016

Show Not Tell

in show not tell we had write something that's similar to show but we say in different words and make it a better sentence or paragraph.

Show: She was so sad when she lost her puppy

Tell: she felt her body to ache and shake her cheeks begun to turn pink she felt her body warm up then she started dripping with tears of sadness when she lost her puppy “Bonny” after school.

Show: The cake was delicious

Tell: a attracting mouthwatering cake that was enlarged with 5 layers chocolate and vanilla with amazing vanilla mixed flavour column decorations, with cherries in a line of an army with a scrumptious taste of fire power, and a decorative icing writing that said “The Best Cake Ever”.

Show: The garden was beautiful

Tell: The garden was shining with a mix of Purple yellow and Red making a pleasing smell of Perfume and all the long vines hanging of the roof making it feel you feel like the king of the jungle.

Show:It was a stormy day

Tell: outside it was all cold and rainy with a scary thunderstorm with all the kids trapped inside homes ignoring the outside world and entering the electronic devices with entertainment and excitement just by looking outside they we're going to fall asleep with boredom with the crying clouds.

Show: It was an exciting day

Tell: It was a long day doing all kinds of things like going to the beach for my birthday with happiness and love, going to rainbows end with my friends and family that had the feel of friendship and excitement but what I mostly love is staying home with my family to feel the love.

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